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Wizardly Wisdom

What to Do With All That Stuff

One of the biggest challenges for prospective sellers is what to do with all of the stuff that they have accumulated. The stress can be especially overwhelming for those who have lived in their homes for over ten years. Once this purging process has been completed, sellers have more energy and are ready to tackle the sale of their home. Decluttering makes staging, selling, and moving easier and less costly.

Helpful Tips to Declutter

  1. Start Small: Begin with a single room, closet, or drawer that will offer immediate gratification once Start small. cleaned. I suggest starting on the highest floor of your home and working your way down
  2. Tackle a whole room in a methodical way: Head to a corner, work on that area, and move clockwise until the room is completed. This might take several hours or days, but once you get into a rhythm you’ll work harder to complete
  3. Think in terms of categories: If you are overwhelmed by tackling an entire closet, start with one category. Pair up all your shoes, then purge the old ones. Then, move on to a new category such as belts, scarves, socks, or ties.
  4. Love your thrift shop: Keep a box in a convenient place and add items to it that you’re ready to part with. As soon as the box or bag is filled, take it to a local shop. 
  5. Wear it or ditch it: If you haven't worn something in a year or two, give it away. If it’s vintage and valuable, it may become a candidate for an estate sale or auction.
  6. Forget repairing broken stuff: If you have stuff around the house that’s broken, torn, or missing a part, get rid of it.

We love helping our clients accomplish their goals and have excellent resources of Personal Organizers, Movers, Storage Facilities and Charities for Donating.

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